The Kansas City Dream Center connects people in need to a community of support by offering free resources and services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of poverty, addiction, and abuse.


The Kansas City Dream Center serves as a resource center focused on finding solutions to homelessness and hunger through residential and community outreach programs.  



Since 2018 the KC Dream Center has impacted thousands of lives.  What sets the Dream Center apart from other service-based, nonprofits are the relationships we develop those we help. We are intentional about getting to know people, remembering their names, and finding out how we can help. We help them with their immediate needs, but it is critical to assist them in finding solutions to their long-term needs as well. What we do matters because 22.3% of the population in Kansas City, KS and 17.3%  of the population in Kansas City, Missouri live in poverty. This means about 1 out of every 5 residents in the Kansas City area are in need. There are 1,798 homeless individuals in Jackson and Wyandotte counties.  There are 112,470 children that don’t know if they will have a meal at home – that’s 18 percent of the children under the age of 18.  What we do matters because we assist individuals to allow them to stay in their residence when possible and we are focused on finding solutions to homelessness.




The Dream Center was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles by Matthew Barnett and his father, Tommy Barnett with a simple mission: to find a need and fill it.  Today, there are 74 associated Dream Centers around the world. In 2018, Brian Hughes, Scott Finley, and Mia Finley, wanting to fill unmet needs in the city, were led to start the Kansas City Dream Center.


In January 2020 the primary office moved to La Fe Church at 1500 Central Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. This same building, called Victoria Tabernacle, was pastored by Tommy Barnett's father, H.W. Barnett in the 1950’s. Pastor H.W. Barnett served the community in a variety of ways, but specifically he used part of the building to shelter people experiencing homelessness.


The Kansas City Dream Center follows in the footsteps of the Barnett family by continuing to serve in the same community as H.W. Barnett did in the 1950’s. Our programs include an onsite food pantry and clothing closet, monthly outreaches to the neighborhood and to those experiencing homelessness, and emergency assistance.



By partnering with multiple churches and organizations all over the Kansas City metro area we will reach multiple under resourced neighborhoods. We want to provide short term relief and long term solutions that will transform our city. In the future we want to add outreach programs such as mobile food pantries, foster care intervention, human trafficking rescue, and disaster relief. On the residential side, we will be adding a cold weather shelter as well as transitional housing programs for recovery, discipleship, homeless families, veterans, and youth when they age out of the foster care system. We need your help to make these dreams a reality! Please consider making a donation today.  



Brian Hughes

Executive Director

Brian’s heart to serve others has developed over the last 15 years. He started by volunteering at homeless shelters as well as participating in street outreach to those experiencing homelessness.

After 25 years in corporate transportation, Brian changed careers to do what has been on his heart for many years: to help others. He is the executive director and in charge of day to day operations.  Brian has been married to his wife, Shelly, for 23 years and they have one son (who was doing outreach to those experiencing homelessness before Brian).  A fun fact about Brian is that he loves learning about other cultures, people, languages and is proficient in Spanish and conversational in Arabic.


Ann Rempe

Staff Intern

In 2019, Ann went on a spring break missions trip with her campus ministry to the Denver Dream Center. There, for the first time in her life, she served and prayed over people who were incarcerated and experiencing homelessness. Their intentionality to reach those in need and the want to create a relationship with people was unlike anything Ann had ever experienced. Once the trip was over, she felt like God was calling her to continue this service in Kansas.

Ann is now interning at the Kansas City Dream Center, where she will be working in the Despensa, taking pictures, and creating a social media strategy. Besides helping those in need in the community, she also feels called to help others understand the importance of healthy eating and exercising. Ann is also learning Spanish so she can communicate more effectively with our guests!


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