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23% of the population in Kansas City, KS and 18% of the population in Kansas City, MO live in poverty, this means about 1 in every 5 individuals in our community are in need.  There are 1,800 individuals facing homelessness and 112,000 children that don’t know where their next meal will come from- that’s almost 20% of the children living in our area.


Poverty, homelessness, and hunger have long been an issue.  COVID-19 has intensified the problem like never before, but these issues existed long before the pandemic and will remain after, unless we do something now.  Today, I am asking you to join me in being the change, in doing something and helping transform lives in Kansas City.  Please consider partnering with us and making a donation today. 


The Kansas City Dream Center (501(c)(3) tax ID #83-0934680) offers several programs that provide assistance to those in need.  Our goal is to find a need and fill it, but that's not all.  To us it's about more than just giving out food and clothing, it's about brining hope and joy to those in need and showing them that we're here, that we care, and that we’ll stand by them to find long term solutions that ultimately transform their lives.  


What sets the Dream Center apart from other service-based, nonprofits are the relationships we develop with those we serve. We are intentional about getting to know people, remembering their names, and finding out how we can help. We help them with their immediate needs, but it is also critical to assist them in finding long-term solutions.


This past year we have given out over 500 thousand pounds of food, served well over six thousand individuals and families and filled thousands of needs. 


Please consider helping us by becoming a monthly partner.  As a thank you for your donation we will feature your logo on our website and newsletter, as well as a press release and social media post.  Attached are a list of our current programs and the cost per month it takes to keep the program going.  You can choose which program you want your donation to go to.


Thank you for your time and consideration .  Your actions will truly make a difference.








Brian Hughes




Adopt A Block  $xxx.xx / month 

Is where we visit under resources neighborhoods throughout the area. We clean up the neighborhood, distribute food and hygiene items, and simply find a need and fill it. 


Mobile Food Drive xxx.xx / month

is where we provide a variety of healthy food, and other items to hundreds of families in need in a drive-thru event. 


Homeless Outreach xxx.xx/ month

 is where we visit homeless camps across the area. We deliver food, snacks, and water and visit with those facing homelessness to see how we can help.


The Dream Center Despensa xxx.xx /month

Our Food Pantry and Clothing closet (The Dream Center Despensa).  Is open every Tuesday and Thursday to anyone in need.


Future Program Fund

This fund is a holder for future programs that we would like to start.  You can specify which future program you would like to have your donation go to, thus giving us a head start in making that program a reality.  Those programs include:


Cold Weather Shelter

Job Skill Training

Transitional Housing for individuals, families, and youth

Foster Care Intervention

Human Trafficking 

Disaster Relief


Gifts in Kind

In addition to monetary donations we welcome your we accept donations of home furnishings, appliances, non perishable food items for our food pantry, and clothing donations for our clothing closet.  Please contact us if you have a gift to give!



Be the change and do something!  Make a difference in our community by getting a team together from your organization and volunteer for one of our events.

We Need Your Support Today!



1500 Central Ave.

Kansas City, KS 66102


Phone: 913-735-5337

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